Oral lore enjoys a rich heritage in the American experience - and perhaps no where in the country more so than Mississippi. Though only becoming a professional form of historical methodology in the mid-20th century, oral witness (perhaps even more than written record) is a key characteristic of Mississippi life: remembering the events and people of the past, expressing anxiety and hope about the present, speaking to future generations. Here is a community at the epicenter of struggles for equal opportunity in life and before the law, and which continues to confront its past, present and future in deeply personalized speech and song. 

The Oral Histories Project at MC Law pays respect to this legacy. Inviting lawyers and members of the community into conversation about Mississippi in their time, the project serves as a reservoir of recorded narratives for inter-generational communion and to explore what Mississippi means.


A Conversation with Andy Sumrall '75




A Conversation with Mike Fracsogna, Jr. '72




A Conversation with Sam Nicholas Jr. '66