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The MC Law Alumni Directory is part of our online alumni community designed to facilitate communication amongst alumni.

Each MC Law Alumnus has a profile in the Alumni Directory. This profile contains the most recent information available from the University's records. Update your profile with your current address, phone number, work address, work phone number, email address and other information. In addition, you can select what items you would like to be available to other alumni to search and view.

To access the online directory you must login to the alumni web site.  Click "Login" or "First Time Login", if you have not already created your alumni profile, at the top of this page.

Connecting with MC Law

We hope you'll use this directory to keep in touch with classmates and MC Law friends where you work, live or vacation. We also hope you'll take a few moments to explore the other online resources available on lawalumni.mc.edu website. If you have suggestions about how we can improve these services, please send them to law@mc.edu

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The Mississippi College School of Law Online Directory is specifically designed to facilitate communication among Mississippi College School of Law Online Directory Policy to learn about proper use of and cause for removal from the system.